Services for Cranium Anthology through Networks (SCAN)

Services for Cranium Anthology through Networks (SCAN)We conduct a thorough SCAN® ! CnRG’s SCAN® provide support for two types of clients – the organizations who are looking for the RIGHT employees and job seekers looking for the RIGHT place to work, all the while, keeping the process – and its decisive details and analysis –

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Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Management (HRM)LET CnRG HELP IN MANAGING YOUR HR SYSTEM !!! CnRG is a comprehensive HR management service provider, which helps companies – of all sizes, create and execute their HR systems, policies and procedures. Below you will find a short description of different ways we support our clients in managing their valuable resources

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Training Resources & You (TRY)

Training Resources & You (TRY)TRY and You will Surely Achieve Your Goals! TRY (Training Resources & You) is a full-service HR Development support provider, which helps companies – of all sizes, create and execute their training solutions. Since outside often have different meanings, let’s look at different ways we support our clients: Clients who need

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HR Outsourcing (HRO)

HR Outsourcing (HRO) Any kind of human resource support that a company requires, CnRG’s HR outsourcing services can satisfy those supports. CnRG offers HR outsourcing to meet your general HR service requirement, offering a wide variety of services. At the same time, CnRG offers specialist services, focusing on specific areas such as payroll management, contract

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Industrial Relation Services (IRS)

Industrial Relation Services (IRS) Management has a responsibility to ensure that workplace is free from unnecessary hazards and that condition surrounding the work-place is not hazardous to employees’ physical or mental health. Of course, accident can and do occur on many jobs, and the severity of these may astound you. From a moral standpoint, employers

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