Services for Cranium Anthology through Networks (SCAN)We conduct a thorough SCAN® !

CnRG’s SCAN® provide support for two types of clients – the organizations who are looking for the RIGHT employees and job seekers looking for the RIGHT place to work, all the while, keeping the process – and its decisive details and analysis – strictly confidential. SCAN® supports the clients throughout the executive-search process, fully utilizing extensive skills, experience and expertise of seasoned Human Resource (HR) professionals comprising a vast global network that ensures confidentiality in completing a successful executive search.

SCAN® realizes that ORGANIZATIONS are gradually outsourcing more and more their recruitments because they find it more cost effective to give the total recruitment assignment (e.g. Job designing, advertisement, application receiving, short-listing, communication, Test or Interview etc.) to a third party. SCAN® is qualified in conducting these functions as a specialty skill. At the same time, we ensure neutrality, confidentiality, and biased free selection.

JOB SEEKERS are also realizing that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get a job of their choice by going through normal recruitment channels. Today’s competitive job market calls for knowing where the jobs vacancies are, customizing resumes, learning how to face interviews, and having excellent negotiation skills, but at the same time also ensuring that their current job security is not compromised. So, they gradually prefer to seek jobs through SCAN® as we are neutral and help them develop all of the above skills and work as their exclusive agents.

Having a recruitment agent like SCAN® provides even more cost effectiveness and leverage – when the job market expands beyond the National boundary for both the Organization and the Job Seekers. SCAN® provides recruitment services for their clients, which include INTERNATIONAL organizations looking to hire HR from Bangladesh, or Bangladeshi organizations looking to hire expertise not available in Bangladesh. It also caters to Job Seeker clients such as Bangladeshis looking for overseas jobs or expatriates looking for jobs in Bangladesh.

CnRG continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer products.

Our Service

  • We SCAN® for A Complete Understanding of Our Client’s Needs
  • We SCAN® in Wide Range but with Precision
  • We Provide Professional Job Placement SCAN®
  • Our SCAN® Reports Ensure Objectivity in Decision-making
  • SCAN® Supports a Successful Landing.
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